ULUPAR offers its partners a business model which supplies all of the needs in a single delivery instead of working with different suppliers for each need. Supplying sector specific products for every need with fast delivery, warranty, superior quality and affordable prices, ULUPAR minimizes the costs via control from a single center. ULUPAR minimizes logistics and operational needs and eliminates quality related problems. **PRODUCT GROUPS** Steering Wheel Pumps Axle Repair Kits Rubber and Metal Parts Brake Disc and Pad Sets Brake Caliper Repair Kits Clutch Pressure Plate, Lining and Bearings Suspension Bellows and Cabin Bellows Cabin and Chassis Suspensions Engine parts (Piston, Lining, Snap Ring etc.) Engine Mounts Seals Rear View Mirror and Glazings Flywheel and Flywheel Housing Compressor and Repair Kits ULUPAR: Product Variety: Offers a great variety of products which addresses your needs in any category. Fair Pricing Policy: ULUPAR offers solutions to the sector not only with unit prices for sector specific product and service variety but also for minimizing the overall costs with the added value it offers. It develops the best prices and the most affordable cost structure continuously with its powerful procurement infrastructure which follows the market prices and sectoral changes continuously and offers its customers long-term cost minimization opportunities. Customer Satisfaction: ULUPAR adopts a customer-oriented operation principle with a team of experts and after-sales support. Quality: ULUPAR owns a wide network of manufacturers which are specialist in their field for each spare part and perform high quality production. Quick Delivery: ULUPAR supplies the product quickly and delivers them right on time thanks to its powerful logistics infrastructure. Continuous Development: ULUPAR owns a powerful information technologies infrastructure for updating the model numbers and extending the product range.

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